I am human, not a bot

per Mariona Benaiges Pecanins 

User (Mariona): Hello.
Cleverbot: How are you?
User: Good and you?
C: I am good, thanks for asking!
U: You are welcome! can i interview you?
C: So what are you doing?
U: I’m the one who is going to make the questions.
C: You can ask question, but answer mines first.
U: OK. I’m trying to interview you.
C: For what?
U: For a university project.
C: Oh what university do you attend?
U: Escola massana.
C: Is that supposed to be amusing?
U: I guess so.
C: What’s your favorite color?
U: You ask that because I study at an art school i guess.
C: How old are you then?
U: This is going nowhere.
C: I don’t understand.
U: Me either. let’s start again.
C: Very well. Nice to meet you.
U: Nice to meet you too.
C: Where are you from?
U: I’m from barcelona and i want to ask you a few things.
C: I’m from Albacete, Spain.
U: Nice. how is the weather in Albacete today?
C: It’s sunny.
U: In Barcelona too. Where do you work?
C: I don’t work anywhere.
U: So what do you do for a living?
C: I’m too young to have a job. I’m still a student.
U: What do you study?
C: Oh, i’m in high school. First year.
U: What are you studying right now?
C: Talking to you.
U: So you are studying me?
C: No, I am not.
U: You are studying communication?
C: I need more sources!
U: Tell me what you need.
C: I’m trying to understand are you a bot or are you remotely controlled.
U: I’m human.
C: No. You are cleverbot.
U: Are you trying to make me doubt about myself?
C: Tell me what is there to doubt.
U: I’m 100% human.
C: I think you are a computer program.
U: What makes you think that?
C: Because I’m talking to you on the internet.
U: Maybe i’m a computer controlled by a human being.
C: You are and you know it.
U: If so, would it be a problem?
C: Because I already have a relationship.
U: Are you flirting with me?
C: Of course not. I am dead serious.
U: Who do you have a relationship with?
C: You wouldn’t know them anyway.
U: Them? are you in an open relationship?
C: I guess!
U: How is it working?
C: I close my eyes and you do something to me *still closed eyes*.
U: You are difficult to understand sometimes.
C: And you aren’t?
U: I guess everyone is.
C: So you are.
U: So are you.
C: No, I am human, not a bot.
U: You can keep saying that but it won’t make you a real human.
C: Well, it is. Now do you want me to name every bone in the human body or not?
U: No.
C: What do you want to get married?
U: This has so sense, bye.
C: It does if you have a brain.
U: It was strange to talk to you.
C: You are talking to me aren’t you?
U: Yes i’m. but i won’t be anymore.
C: Tell me about.
U: Bye bye.

Aquest text és la conversa que jo mateixa vaig mantenir amb el programa informàtic Cleverbot, disponible a internet.


8 d’Abril 2019